Do You Have A Lump On Your Neck, Back Or Behind Your Ear? This Is What It Means.

Do You Have A Lump On Your Neck, Back Or Behind Your Ear? This Is What It Means. March 8, 2017

If you find a lump anywhere on your body, your very first reflexes will lead you to freak out. I mean, there is absolutely no doubt that lumps are not normal. And when you find yourself with one, you are bound to start googling a million things, imagining the worst. But what you should know is that lumps are not entirely uncommon. Not only that, but they are also pretty harmless.

So, if you have a lump on your back, neck or behind your ear, it is likely that it is an epidermoid cyst. This, although a benign cyst, is very different from sebaceous cysts, which spring up owing to the accumulation of sebum or enlargement of the sebaceous glands. The epidermoid cysts are found on the skin and usually spring up from the ectodermal tissue. Too hard to understand? Well, simply speaking, the epidermoid cysts usually develop as a result of implantation of the epidermis into the dermis, most likely during surgery or trauma. A blocked pore close to a body piercing can also lead to this kind of a cyst. Although it is painless, sometimes you can get pus or pain. While it is not dangerous at all, for your own peace of mind, it might be a good idea to visit your doctor and get it checked.

In general, these cysts do not need to be treated, but some people prefer to have them removed for cosmetic reasons. If the cyst is infected, one might want to get it operated. Well, of course, they are the more intense chemical ways of getting rid of it. But remember, our kitchens are a magical place with a whole lot of hidden remedies. And while paranoia might lead you to take on the medical ways of treatment, if you are a little patient, you could try these wonderful, natural remedies to get rid of the lumps in question. Take a look at our top picks.

1. Apple Cider Vinegar


This is indeed a superwoman of an ingredient. It has a host of benefits. And guess what? It also helps you get rid of these cysts. Apple cider vinegar, popularly called ACV, has acetic acid, which helps to dissolve the lump effectively. What’s more? It has ingredients that not only kill the bacteria in and around the cyst, but also guard it against further infection.

All you need to do is use some cotton to apply this amazing ACV (preferably with mother), on the cyst. Once you do that, use a gauze band-aid or a piece of cheesecloth to cover it. Do this every day for a week or until you find a layer of hard skin on the cyst. Remove the hard skin so the cyst drains out. Then, apply apple cider vinegar on the area for another week, and ta-da! You will see a layer of new skin.

2. Dandelion


If you are not a fan of ACV, you could use something more exotic and fancy. Dandelion. All you need to do is mix a tablespoon of dandelion with a little bit of viola, and add a little water to it. Switch on your stove. Place the ingredients in a container and heat the mixture. Allow it to boil for about 45 minutes. Cool the mixture, and strain it. Drink this concoction 3 to 4 times a day for about 10 days. You could also apply it topically on the cyst.

3. Epsom Salt


Epsom salt is yet another wonder ingredient. From pain to detox, it is a solution for most of your problems, and it is no surprise it works for cysts too. It is known to reduce both pain and swelling, which makes it a perfect remedy for the epidermoid cyst. If your cyst is painful, add a handful of Epsom salt to your bath water (ideally a tub). Soak in it for some time. The pain will vanish in a matter of minutes.

4. Aloe Vera


Aloe vera is a magic wand for the skin. It has so many benefits. Well, it also helps to get rid of these stubborn cysts. All you need to do is apply some fresh aloe vera on the cyst, and within a week, it will subside.

5. Milk


Milk is available in every household, unless of course you are vegan, in which case you could go to your nearest departmental store and buy some. Because this remedy is not only effective for your cyst, it has spa-like qualities too. In no time, you will notice the lump reduce. All you have to do is soak a tea bag in milk and then place it on the cyst. Secure it with a band-aid so that you can keep it on overnight. The cyst will vanish in no time.

6. Honey


Honey is a miracle ingredient. It never gets spoiled, and it has the most amazing medicinal qualities. When it comes to curing the cyst, all you need to do is mash a piece of banana and add some honey and wheatgrass to it. Apply this on the cyst, and then cover it up so that the mixture is allowed to work its magic all night. Wash it off in the morning, and you will notice visible results. But it might be a good idea to do this 3 or 4 times to get better results.

7. Castor Oil


Yet another effective ingredient, castor oil is given much lesser credit than it deserves! To reduce and heal your cyst, all you need to do is apply the oil on your cyst and put some heat on it. You could do this using either a hot water bag or a hot compress. Do this a few times every day for a week. The lump is bound to vanish.

With our busy, stressful lifestyles, we have forgotten to take life with a pinch of salt. Remember, not everything is as serious as it seems. While it’s good to be cautious, overthinking about problems is so unnecessary. The same goes for lumps like these. But, having said that, take care of your health so that you don’t have to deal with anything serious!


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