Best Makeup Tricks to Slim Your Face Instantly

If you’ve ever seen celebrities looking completely unrecognizable without a full face of makeup, then you know exactly how transformative certain techniques can be.

If you’re not blessed with an amazing bone structure like Kate Moss and Victoria Beckham, don’t worry because I will show you how you can get that look at home.

Clever contouring can slim your nose, chisel your cheekbones, sculpt away pounds and create the illusion of a lifted, firmer-looking face! Read below to discover how to slim your face with make-up.

Defined cheekbones

Choose a foundation that is two shades darker than your natural skin color. Pucker your lips, and use a makeup brush to draw a diagonal line from the hollow of your cheek to your ear. Also, don’t forget to blend the color.

It is essential to choose a good foundation. For my point of view, Clinique Even Better it the best. I have used Nars, Guerlain, Chanel, Mac Face & Body, but this is by far my current favorite! Clinique Even Better has a full coverage and the fact it has SPF 15 is just excellent. I really like and recommend this foundation. It covers great, feels good and leaves a perfect finish behind.

If you are not happy with the foundations that you are using, then you should give Clinique Even Better foundation a try. The product is great, but I suggest you try first these Clinique Even Better free samples, to see which hue is perfect for your skin type. The foundation has a lot of shades – more than 20, so you have a lot of options to choose from. I am sure that you will love this product and you will not be disappointed with it.

Apply bronzer correctly

One trick to look slimmer is to use bronzer correctly to lift weight off of your face. Apply a light layer of bronzer on the jaw line to slightly darken the area.

Blend the bronzer into your makeup, so you do not look like you are growing a beard. Apply a little darker layer of bronzer under your jaw. This will draw the eye away from any weight that you carry under the neck and can help you look about 10 pounds lighter.

Add a highlight

To make your skin appear luminous and reflect light, use your favorite highlighter over the top of your cheekbones, down your nose and on your cupid’s bow. This will help elongate the face and make your entire body look lifted and lighter.

Playing with light to bring the center of your face forward will help downplay the width of your face for a slimmer look.

Focus on your brows

Choose the right eyebrow shape. A higher, more pronounced arch helps balance out a round face by vertically stretching its appearance, drawing the eye upward. Also, if you have thin eyebrows, fill them in with a brow powder and create a pronounced arch to lift your face and to draw attention to your eyes.

Make eyes appear big

Mila Kunis has a round face, but her makeup artist sure does know how to use makeup to make her face look thinner. Eyes that look bigger takes away the focus on the roundness of the face. Bigger eyes actually make the face look smaller. So, play with your eyeshadow, eyeliner, and mascara, to achieve larger looking eyes.

Apart from making the eyes appear bigger, the right eyeshadow also helps make the face look slimmer. Pick an eyeshadow that works with your eye color as well as your skin tone. For green eyes, copper, plum, lilac, eggplant, and periwinkle will look good. If you have blue eyes, neutral shades like taupe or champagne, gold, and pink look great. Got brown eyes? Pick something teal, purple, or blue. Don’t forget to make the eyes appear bigger with eyeliner and mascara.

Avoid dark lipstick

Do you know that full and dark lips actually make your face look bigger? So if you want the opposite effect, it’s best to go light pink lips as that makes the face look slim, while still making the lips look full. Which pink shade will suit you? Well, that depends on your skin tone. If it looks great with your skin tone, that will help your face look slimmer. Stay away from nudes too, because makes the lips look thin and as a result, it can make the face appear bigger.

I use Mac Magic of The Night Collection – Please Me. This is my favorite color, a gentle pink that captures the dusk and the foggy dawn, a beautiful and enchanting hue that appears in a creamy magic design, perfect for the holiday season. The lipstick is one of the best out of the collection and also the most innocent, looking sensual with the delicacy of a feminine appearance, complete with a very feminine soul.
I recommend it. If you are curious to test this lipstick and get some free samples, here you can find some free cosmetics. Mac Magic of The Night Collection – Please Me is a good product and every woman should have this Mac lipstick.

Making your face appear slimmer and more stylish is a matter of having the right makeup tools and using some easy makeup tricks.

You don’t need to be a cosmetic artist or spend countless hours applying makeup to reduce some of the volumes in your cheeks or achieve a sharper effect around the lines of your face. If you follow all of these steps, you will create a makeup routine that will leave you feeling confident, slim, and beautiful.

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