7 reasons why your makeup isn’t lasting all day

There are mornings when you only throw on some blush and a little lip balm before running out the door. And there could be days when you have the time to paint that perfect wing on your eyelid and open them using a mascara. But regardless of the effort, it is all a waste when makeup does not last all day.

One way to make your makeup stay is to know why it isn’t lasting all day. Here are some things that you may be doing accidentally that could be the reasons why your makeup isn’t lasting all day.

You are not using a moisturizer

Always use makeup on a well-moisturised skin. Dab on a light moisturizer and let it seep in. Give it time to be absorbed, nourishing the skin from the inside. An adequately moisturized skin provides a smooth surface for the makeup and also prevents it from entering the pores, thereby making it last longer.

For example, I use Dove Beauty Cream, and from my point of view, this is the best skin moisturizer I’ve ever used. It leaves my skin supple and hydrated (I use it two times a day, once in the morning and once in the evening).

I have the most sensitive skin that is very prone to acne and dryness. This is the only product that has worked for me; it makes my skin nicely hydrated with a beautiful matte finish.

This cream has a very smooth, creamy texture and it gets absorbed in the skin quickly. It is very lightweight and does not make skin greasy at all so it can also be used by oily skin beauties. Also, it has a very mild fragrance which I love, but the fragrance does not linger for a very long time. For me, Dove Beauty Cream makes wanders.

If you are interested in testing this product, here you have some free samples. Only 100 kits on the stock, so hurry up now if you want to get yours before they run out of stock.

I am sure that after you test these samples, you will love Dove Beauty Cream.

You Keep Touching Your Face

We know that touching our hair makes it greasy, so why do we sit at our desk and lean on our hands? The warmth of your hands, combined with the constant touching, breaks down your makeup and also spreads germs and can worsen acne.

You are not using a primer

Makeup primers prepare the skin by making it smooth for makeup application. It is like a base for your base (foundation). Using primer can help the foundation last longer on your face. If you think your makeup isn’t lasting long, consider investing in a good quality primer, and it might make a difference.

You are using the wrong kind of foundation

Finding the right foundation can be tricky at best and a cakey mess at worst. If your foundation still doesn’t stay put, you might be using the wrong one for your skin type. Formulas that are too oily will cause your makeup to slide off, while products that are drying can make your skin flaky.

In the past few years, only a few new liquid foundations have seriously impressed me: one of these is Clinique Even Better. This product provides a fantastic and inexpensive option for someone who wants great skin. I have used Nars, Guerlain, Chanel, Mac Face & Body, but this is by far my current favourite! It covers great, feels good and leaves a perfect finish behind. And on top of all that, it lasts all day on my face, despite the fact that I have very oily skin.

Yesterday I saw that now we have the option to get some samples before buying this foundation. So, if you want to get some Clinique Even Better free samples, you can check this website.

Clinique Even Better Foundation is perfect for us because he moisturizes the skin, so take advantage of this offer and get your free samples.

You are applying lipstick over lip balm

It is always a good idea to apply lipstick (and lip liner) over moisturized lips. But applying lipstick over freshly applied lip balm, it is a wrong decision. The oils in the lip balm will create a smooth base for the lipstick, making it difficult to stay on. There are two things you can do — either wait for some time after using a lip balm or use a tissue to blot the excess oiliness from the lip surface before you apply lipstick.

You are not using a powder

The best way to set a foundation is by using powder. Whether it is translucent powder, two-way cake — any liquid makeup needs the touch of powder to make it set on the skin. If you’re a powder fan, try  MAC Prep + Prime Transparent Finishing Powder.

This powder gives a silky finish and is transparent in color so never looks cakey or affects foundation. It is one of Mac products that doesn’t disappoint me. Thanks to this beauty item my makeup isn’t a total mess at the end of a working day. I’m a fan of MAC products, and I discovered that now you could get some free samples of MAC Prep + Prime Transparent Finishing Powder. I saw this offer last weekend, and the samples are already mine. Take advantage of this opportunity! Last time when I checked there was only 47 in stock.

You’re using old makeup

If your makeup bag has seen better days, it may be worth checking the expiration dates on all those dusty, crumbly products. Old makeup not only works less efficiently — it can do significant damage to your skin. Use this as your excuse to update your essentials.

One of the best ways to make your makeup last is to use the right products. Most people think that you need tons of makeup to make it stay on, but that’s simply not true.

I hope that all these simple tricks will help you and I am waiting for your comments.


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