6 Makeup Hacks That Will Change Your Life

A great makeup trick is a precious commodity. It may not have the value of enriched uranium, but it will make you look a whole lot better. Imagine how much less laughable your prom pictures would be, for example, if someone had explained how to properly apply bronzer. Or how clever you’d feel if you could camouflage a big, red zit.

You don’t have to spend hours in front of a mirror to get your makeup perfect. There are all kinds of little tricks you can use that will make applying cosmetics much easier and ensure that you always have the look you are going for.

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And now I will present you top 6 makeup hacks that will change your life:

Make Your Eyes Look Wider

Sweep your mascara towards your nose instead of upwards. This will help make the lashes look fuller. It will also help to make your eyes look bigger.

Also, dark circles can make your eyes appear smaller. The right concealer can work double—even triple—duty on darkness and discolouration. It can also illuminate the entire eye area and draw attention to darker lashes.

Sometimes can be hard to find the best concealer, but trust me, it is not impossible. I give you a tip: Try Covergirl & Olay Simply Ageless. I love the colour range and the coverage that this product has. It has the ability to cover everything! It is versatile, blends easily, and stays put all day. For me, this is one of the best concealers in the world.

Proper Perfume Application

Don’t spray yourself with perfume. You will smell like a perfume factory at first, then it will wear off and you won’t smell anything. Instead, apply it to your pulse points: in hair, behind the ears, down your back, behind knees.

No matter what form of fragrance you choose, this is the right way to apply perfume.

Achieve Perfect Winged Eyeliner With a Spoon

To get that winged effect everyone loves so much, you only need one common household item: a spoon. Start your eyeliner as you would for a cat eye look, press the rounded side of the spoon against your eyelid, and move the spoon outwards to create the winged effect.

Perfect Your Eye Shadow

Your new secret weapon: scotch tape. First, take a very small piece and stick it to the back of your hand to remove some of the adhesives. Then, place one end at the outer corner of the eye and lay it at a diagonal toward the end of your eyebrows, she says. The tape acts as a guide, letting you know how far out to apply your eyeshadow, and gives your look a super clean edge.

Turn Your Pencil Eyeliner Into Gel

Warm up your pencil eyeliner and not only will it be easier to smudge for that perfect smoky-eye look, but it’ll also go on as smooth as a liquid liner. Using a lighter, hold the flame near the tip of your pencil for just a few seconds (don’t let the flame directly touch any part of your eyeliner), then blow on it to help cool a bit before applying.

Remoisturize Mascara

Don’t throw away mascara just because it has dried up. Instead, add a few drops of eye drops. This will make it moist and it will work as well as it did when you first bought it:

Put about ten drops of any generic eye drops. Close the wand and give it a good shake. Then with the wand swirl it well around and use it. Your mascara will be as good as new now.

The eye drops is a great option any day as opposed to water. Water does not work well with waterproof mascara and also the water results in clumping of the mascara. In case of ordinary mascara adding water will only dry up the mascara further. The eye drops are safe to be used on the lashes too.

In a world where daily contouring and faux eyelashes have become the norm, it’s difficult to keep track of each and every makeup skill. Rather than committing every tip and trick to memory, focus on the basics and learn more as they pertain to you and your lifestyle. Whether creating a movie star smoky eye or enhancing your natural beauty, these 6 clever makeup tricks will give you all you need to create an ideal look! Also, don’t forget about this great offer and take your Paw Ring for free

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